Demetrious Johnson Last Second Armbar

UFC 186: The Aftermath

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Say what you will, and lord knows people do/have/are still, Demetrious Johnson is the best in the business and head and shoulders above his competition.  People love to complain. “Lighter weight classes don’t finish fights. DJ wrestles too much instead of going for the finish. I don’t know what I’m talking about but I’ll spew ignorance anyway.”

Look… in the past 5 fights he’s got 4 finishes. The 1 fight in the last 5 that he didn’t finish was a complete tooling of man juiced up on EPO.  In every fight, DJ pushes the pace and even when he’s up 3 rounds to 0 or 3 to 1, he never takes his foot off the gas.  He’s the best. Pay your respects.

On the other hand, I have my ups and downs.

Let’s see how I did.  In my fantasy play, I missed the money thanks mostly to the Doberman fighting like a poodle when he had Bisping severely rocked in the first. Good for you CB. Great instincts. Enjoy vanishing back into obscurity.

On the picks, I went 7 – 5 on the night and realized that I shouldn’t make my bets based on salary cap fantasy decisions I’d made earlier in the day.  The two are mutually exclusive and should be handled as such.  Some notable moments on the night:

  1. Olivier Auben-Mercier continues to impress me and fought and finished exactly as expected.
  2. Cote bested Riggs in a fight we’re just glad didn’t end in an unusual injury.
  3. Thomas Almeida is every bit of the beast you could have hoped for and may make me eat my “He’s no Barao yet” comments. He may be better.
  4. John Freakin’ Makdessi! (so I picked against him… I’m still impressed.)
  5. I called the post fight interview with Rampage. That felt good. Fabio Maldonaldo probably has more brain damage that I cheered for and that feels bad.
  6. One more second was all Kyoji needed to make me exactly right on my last two picks and I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong.

Back To The Drawing Board

So, with roughly 2 weeks to go to the next “event”… I’ll have to do some digging.  Smart move for the UFC to not put anything up against the Mayweather Pacquiao fight next weekend. I won’t pay for it but I’ve got Floyd all the way.

As for the May 9th, Hunt vs Stiopic card:  It’s a veritable who’s who of who in the hell is that. Not great for watching, even worse for gambling, but hey, that’s what makes this shit fun.

See you next time.

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